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GOE began in 1995 as an 8-page bimonthly newsletter with Bible studies, stories, and cartoons by Daniel Botkin. It soon grew into a full-length magazine. The 40-page magazine is financed by freewill donations sent in by readers. There has never been a fixed subscription fee, but readers are expected to make a donation at least once a year if they want to remain on the mailing list.

Articles from past issues can be downloaded here.

Because of the high cost of overseas postage, readers outside the U.S. must send $5 (U.S. dollars only) for a sample issue.

Readers in the U.S. can get a free sample issue by phoning or writing to us or by sending their name and complete address to:

(Except for requests to get on the mailing list, please refrain from sending emails to this address. Daniel Botkin uses email only as a last resort.)